Sarah Bedford from Hull Passes her test

    I would just like to say a big thank you to elite driving school, especially to my instructor pete.
    Pete always had lots of patience with me (and trust me he needed it!) and made me feel at ease from that very first lesson.
    I’d had numerous lessons in the past with another driving school but always gave them up as i felt i never progressed enough, Elite had been recommended to me and numerous friends had learned to drive with pete and im so glad i made that call!
    Thanks pete and i will miss you! (but maybe not the singing!!) lol

    Sarah Bedford 🙂  xx

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    Olivia Todd Passes her test 1st time with only 1 minor fault!

    Pete Wood gave me great confidence throughout all of my lessons. Every lesson gave a new area to work on and each one made me grow more in confidence and gain a better skill and knowledge of driving. The lessons were a great length of an 1 hour and half to be able to learn a certain area and then to be able to work on it and get better and better at it. The lessons were fun and enjoyable and each one was broken down into smaller parts to be able to learn how to do something well and the correct way that it should be done. They were never dull lessons and Pete was always  ready to give advice and help with anything that i needed help with. I never felt as though i was been rushed and put under presure and was always re-assured in a friendly and helpful way if i was ever unsure about something. I have really, really enjoyed my lessons and would always reccomend elite driving school and Pete Wood to anyone who is looking to take lessons becasue of the great knowledge and the friendly insturctors and the way that they work with people. The lessons where never dull and i was always ready to go on my lesson and made me feel like each lesson was worth the money been spent.

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    Betty Lau from Chamberlain Road Hull Passes her test

    Thank you to Pete Wood for helping me pass my test. He is a great instructor who has always been patient with me even through I would make mistakes, he is easy to get along with and made it easy to learn to drive. The lessons were always planned out and he fitted in lessons around my schedule when while I was away for uni. Passing my test means that I can open up to more job opportunities in different areas of the country. I have enjoyed learning to drive with Pete and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

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