Customer Review from Mark McCloud

    Driving Lessons Hull, Mark McCloud

    Customer Review from Mark McCloud

    Driving Lessons in Hull


    Mark McCloud from Hull


    I undertook Route 66 Intensive 26 hour driving course which consisted of hour and a half lessons which I feel were the perfect length, especially considering I had to take the later slots in the evening due to work. The hour and a half slots gave me enough time to really get a good feel for driving, which I needed as I had never driven before; I feel an hour lesson would have been too much of a squeeze to fit in everything that you really needed to do.

    Stuart was fantastic and I couldn’t thank him enough; as I said I had never driven before and by the end of my first lesson I was driving myself home! When you sat in the car with Stuart you felt safe; I was going to make mistakes as a new driver but I knew Stuart was never going to panic, he’d just make sure I’d learn from it and we’d build upon that and from that I’d become a better driver. He also catered to my schedule, during my time with him I changed jobs twice and had to swap and change many lessons but he was always willing to change his schedule to fit mine.

    In a few short months, I had gone from never being behind the wheel before to passing my test on my first attempt! I bought my first car today and I can only thank Elite and especially Stuart for everything they’ve done for me.


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