Best Driving Instructors in Hull

    Best Driving Instructors in Hull, Megan Creamer

    Congratulations to Megan Creamer on passing her driving test on the 13th of May 2016

    Best Driving Instructors in Hull


    Well done to Megan who passed her first test today.

    Megan’s first picture was a little wind swept and you could have understood how the car seemed to be easier for Megan to control than the paperwork was, but we decided to show you Megan minus the windswept look.  The only down side to Megan finishing learning to drive is that I might not get to know which university she decides on, which was always an interesting subject of discussion in the car, with a bit of driving talk thrown in for good measure.

    However, I wish her well with her exam results and future studies.


    From Driving Instructor Alan Hardy and the team at Elite Driving school.


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