Become a Driving Instructor

    What's required to become a Driving Instructor?

     You must be over 21 and have held a full driving licence in category B (manual cars) for at least 3 years, and have not been disqualified during this time.The first step to becoming a driving instructor is to apply for a criminal record check before registering with the DVSA to start your training ...  Once you qualify as a driving instructor these are just some of the benefits you'll enjoy:
    • You are your own BOSS, but you don't have to go it alone. You can benefit from working with a driving school who will take care of stuff you don't want to do yourself, so you can concentrate on just teaching
    • You can realistically earn around £500 - £600 each week after your costs
    • Your hours are as flexible as you want them to be, and you can work as many hours as you want
    • You can work around your family and life commitments, such as children's school, partners job, activities etc
    • You've got the satisfaction of knowing you've helped change someone's life when your students pass their driving test
    • There's plenty of opportunity to advance your career
    • It's a career for life, you can work full time, part time or even take a break if needed, and pick it up again later
       Interested? Well here's how I can help you find out if a career as a driving instructor is the right one for you! We offer driving instructor assessments to people that are seriously considering becoming a driving instructor. What is an assessment?Call it a try before you buy if you like. Because it will give you an experience of what a career as a driving instructor will be like, and if it's the right one for you, which is something you won't get from a glossy brochure...But also you get first hand experience of how your training will be delivered, and meet the people who will be providing your training. To book your assessment call 03332 004130. Assessments are 2 hours long and are just £17. They are available Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm. Why Choose us for your driving instructor training?We have a big advantage that the nationals will never have, we live and operate on your doorstep and to us you are a real person not just a number!We've got a brilliant reputation and you won't find our customers complaining!You don't have to travel to the other end of the country, pay for hotel accommodation, and be away from family to attend a one or two week training course.You'll have the benefit of training with a local expert, who has local knowledge, not someone who travels from out of town.Our trainers are flexible & can manage your training schedule around your work commitments - so that it doesn't interrupt your existing employment.We have really useful flexible payment options with zero interest - and you can pay up front for a huge discount or pay for your training as you learn. Do you want to find out more about becoming a driving instructor, then call 03332 004130Or visit our training site here

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