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    Great Customer Review from Emily Allison who said…….

    I found out about Elite through a friend, he told me about his instructor, and I looked them up to find out how to go about learning.

    I decided to book, as I know a few people who had good experiences with the instructors.

    They were very quick with the booking, for me I wanted a specific instructor, but I went through the main office still and got called within a few days.

    Angus  was always on time, and flexible with if I could do a week, he would rearrange another time for me, even up to my test.

    He was very good, teacher and guy, I am dyslexic so teaching me things is slightly different, but he got around this, also helping me with how to put this on my test both theory and practical so I had the help I needed.

    The staff were great,  I had a few queries  with my theory test, so email contact was important, and they replied quickly, usually the same day.

    I already have recommended Angus to friends, and they also have managed to book with him.

    My advice would be do your theory !! Like don’t put it off, as you won’t drive without it.

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